About Us

We believe that the child is the pivot of all our programmes and policies. We affirm the importance of individuality of every child. The school endeavours to inculcate in each child the pride of being an Indian, and love for the cultural heritage of India. Our aim is to inspire our children to respect the national traditions, values and ideals. All efforts are made to establish an open environment in the school administration. The teaching staff have academic freedom to function effectively. Regular in-service teacher training programmes orient the staff with the most modern techniques in the field of education.

Vision & Mission

With the prime vision "knowledge at par with excellence" and realizing the expectations that education should have link with life for the survival of the students and to face life with self confidence, determination and courage. Aiming to fulfill the vision, Vetri Vikas Hi tech institutions with modern perception strive to meet the needs of the parents, students and society in perfection. Vetri Vikass with innovative idea, rich experience and conscious in growing development moulds the budding children to blossom and spread fragrance of love, compassion and would strive for creedless, casteless society with no barrier and would flourish as distinguished and best citizens.

Goals & Objectives

  • The objective is to promote quality education, an all round development in personality of a child so as to enable him/her to be a responsible citizen of tomorrow
  • Education at Vetri Vikaas is rooted in the belief that the student must be an active participant in the educational process
  • Our efforts are directed at preparing the students to be disciplined, fearless, courteous and well informed human beings in this rapidly changing world
  • The objective is to enable the students not only to gain entry to colleges but to understand how the skills gained can be used for future studies, life skills and careers
  • The school emphasises the importance of academic work and our aim throughout is to stimulate interest and curiosity in the various subjects