Academic Achievements

XII-Public Examination-2013-2014

Centum in 3 Subject

First Rank

Rajkumar G secured 1187/1200 and achieved School First Rank.

Centum in 3 Subject

Secured Centum in 3 Subjects

Sakthivel S

First Rank Student

Naveen Narayanan J

X-Public Exam 2012-13

  1. First -Shanmuga P - 488 /500
  2. Second -Aaswin R M - 487/500
  3. Third - Akilesh P - 483/500
  4. Third - Ravishankaran S - 483/500

XII-Public Examination-2012-2013

  1. First - Dhana Sekar E - 1180/1200
  2. Second - Navaneetha Krishnan R- 1175/1200
  3. Third - Madhusudhanan B - 1174/1200
  4. Third - Vignesh M - 1174/1200


Sports Achievements

Divisional Level Matches

In the age group of 19, Vetri Vikaas Boys Higher Secondary School proudly occupies the first place in Basket ball, Volley ball, Hand ball, Table tennis, Badminton, Throw ball, and Kho-kho. We have also grabbed overall championship in athletics by scoring 145 points. In individuals, Balaji of X-B wins the first place by earning 15 points in 400 metres, 200 metres, and Long jump.

the age group of 17, Lenin of X-B gets the first place in Table tennis.

District Level Matches:

We feel immensely happy that for the first time we have got the first place in Table-tennis, in the age group of 17 and also the first place in the Hand ball in the age group of 19.

Zonal Level Matches

V. Vallarasu of IX-C has got the first place in boxing in Divisional, District and Zonal level. It is really happy for us to inform that R. Mano Barathi of XI – A6 has won the first place in Boxing in Divisional, District, and Zonal level and also he has selected for the State level.