Essential Facilities

Audio-Visual Rooms

To build students with strong understanding of basic concepts and ideas of their respective curriculum, we have Audio-Visual Rooms equipped with Multimedia Computer with LCD Projectors, where interactive teaching of all the subjects through computer takes place. To support Audio-Visual room activities, a large number of Audio/Video cassettes and CD-ROM's related to all the subjects are available. The seating capacity of each hall is around 60. It also has a slide projector, an overhead projector, tape recorders, television, and other related accessories.


The School has a well stocked library which is growing with every passing day along with the school. The school has subscribed to many magazines and newspapers. Children are taught to develop love for books and respect for knowledge from early age. The student embarks on his/her own journey into the galaxy of books displayed on well-stacked racks. It is a storehouse of knowledge and students are allowed free accessibility to books available.


The school has a large Auditorium cum multi-purpose building with 1500 seating capacity, set with modern state-of-art equipment's / gadgets like Stage Lights, Spot Lights with dimmer, a powerful PA system, Electric Curtain, a Video Projection System etc., which are required for performing day to day activities.