Founder's Message

FounderVETRI VIKAAS "The Hub of Modern Perception" aims to excel in academic and concentrates on sports, games, literary, cultural and various mental and healthy disciplined activities.

The concept of VETRI VIKAAS is the realization of noble vision with high thinking through love and service. VETRI VIKAAS marches to a better tomorrow with the motto of "Providing quality learning, developing potentiality and insisting discipline among the students." Constant Renewal makes, VETRI VIKAAS to be in the forefront forming a new great Indian Society.

Caring the specific need of the children, the school stands by its principle vision, determination and courage. Avid to grow and ever willing to change to the new, VETRI VIKAAS has the infrastructure that matches the best in the country.

Individual is shaped, inculcated with good moral values such as courage, intellect, compassion, aesthetics, integrity and the will to succeed. Students are guarded and guided to make use of their potential to build a better nation and a better world. Teemed with innovative ideas, glorious past, and conscious in the growing development, budding children, would blossom and spread the fragrance of love, compassion and would strive for creedless, casteless society with no barrier and would flourish as distinguished and best citizens.

Vetri Vikaas Educational Institutions, Keeranoor and Rasipuram, Namakkal District always remain committed to its vision and objectives. It is a nationally well known institution with the faculty members of over 300 and 8000 students.

I am extremely happy that the school exists to be model for academic excellence as well as sports and games. On behalf of the management I congratulate the Principals, Teachers and Students for achieving the best results since its inception.

My sincere advice to all the students is "If you sacrifice something you will achieve many things in your life". I except all my students to have positive thinking and positive approach with the feeling that "Everything is possible and Nothing is Impossible in the life".

I wish you all the BEST HUMANITARIANS