Co-Scholastic Activities

Hobbies and Clubs

To keep the students engaged in a constructive manner, host of co-curricular activities like debate, declamation, essay writing, quiz and public speaking are regularly organized apart from the academic curriculum. Music is the food for soul. Children are encouraged to learn any instrument of their choice and get trained in any of the following- Carnatic vocal, Devotional Sloka Recital, Violin, Keyboard, Veena, Drums. Experts are engaged to train the children in their area of interest.

Knowledge Trips

Visit to local places of historical and academic interests, excursions during short vacations are regular feature to widen the intellectual horizon of our students.

Hiking, Trekking

A Regular hikes and treks are organised every year to the hilly places like Kodaikkanal or Ooty that enable our students to appreciate and enjoy the majesty and mystery of nature. The School Nature camp engages the students to participate and widens their horizon with experiences that are strange in a city. Some of the activities are Star gazing, Animal watching and Bird watching.

Inter-house activities

The student community is divided into four houses - Rose, Jasmine, Daisy and Lotus. At the head of each House are two House Captains, a boy and a girl. Members of the staff act as house wardens who look after the general progress of their students in games and sports and co-curricular activities. Since all competitions are held on house basis, house loyalties are the strongest. A regular record of student participation and achievements in House Activities is maintained and points are awarded to each House.

Scouting / Guiding

Scouting & Guiding are optional for boys & girls of classes VI to X. In addition to the above, the school organises N.C.C. Camps, Scout activities. Students of Std. VIII can opt for a two years' training in National Cadet Corps-Army, Air-wing, and Junior Red Cross.