Trust & Growth

"We believe that teaching is not only to find what the students like, but also to teach what they find"

Vetri Vikaas is one among the fastest growing schools in south India. The school was founded by Dr. S.Gunasekaran with a noble motive of producing students with fine blend of academic excellence and moral values, with an insight that real education should unfurl the human potential and it is a tool for social change for the betterment of the people and enhance the human values. The Founder is a great educationist, a man of Vision and Determination. Being a philanthropist with a strong desire for the upliftment the society and aiming to create an education system that should enable one to survive outside the premises made him sow the seed, "Vetri Vikaas Educational and Charitable Trust". A tree should grow and branch out, likewise Vetri Vikaas Educational and Charitable Trust spreads fragrance by branching out as Vetri Vikaas Girls Higher Secondary School, Vetri Vikaas Boys Higher Secondary School, Vetri Vikaas Matric Higher Secondary School, Vetri Vikaas Public School and Vikas International School at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The honours and awards received by him are, the Best Citizen Award in the Year 2003, Kongu award for Excellency, Member of the syllabus Committee and the Review committee of Mathematics text books from 6th to 12th and Selection Committee Member for vice chancellor of "Periyar University" are pearls in the crown of his educational achievement. The pedagogy is framed based on the most effective methods and focus on holistic development of children. Our unique way of approach enhances the student's prowess and makes way to attain the pinnacle of success. The School takes pride in providing a congenial atmosphere conducive to the development of student's personalities, healthy attitude and intrinsic skills. Our group of Educational Institutions are

  • Vetri Vikaas Girls Higher Secondary School
  • Vetri Vikaas Boys Higher Secondary School
  • Vetri Vikaas Matric Higher Secondary School
  • Vetri Vikaas Public School