About Us


"We believe that teaching is not only to find what the students like, but also to teach what they find"

Vetri Vikaas is one among the fastest growing schools in South India. The school was founded by Dr. S. Gunasekaran with a noble motive of producing students with fine blend of academic excellence and moral values, with an insight that real education should unfurl the human potential and it is a tool for social change for the betterment of the people and enhance the human values.

The pedagogy is framed based on the most effective methods and focus on holistic development of children. Our unique way of approach enhances the student's prowess and makes way to attain the pinnacle of success. The School takes pride in providing a congenial atmosphere conductive to the development of student's personalities, healthy attitude and intrinsic skills.


The child is the pivot of all our programmes and policies. There is no place for any form of corporal punishment. We affirm the importance of personality identify and individuality of every child.

The school endeavors to inculcate in each child the pride of being an Indian, and love for the cultural heritage of India. Our aim is to inspire our children to respect the national traditions, values and ideals.

Every child can develop completely only if he/she is proficient in his/her mother tongue. Though the medium of instruction is English, the mother tongue of the child is given much importance to enable him/her to understand and appreciate the ethnic culture.

All efforts are made to establish an open environment in the school administration.

The Teaching staff has academic freedom to function effectively. Regular in-service teacher training programmes orient the staff with the most modern techniques in the field of education.

Vision & Mission

"Lead kindly light" is our motto. We dispel darkness and light the lamp of enlightenment. We get mostly students from all parts of Tamil Nadu and from all parts of India and from abroad. We impart the right knowledge. The empowerment of women education alone will lift our nation. We give utmost importance to women education. As Albert Einstein has rightly said, "The hand that rocks the cradle will rule the nation", the future is with women. Besides teaching the syllabus, we mould the children in all aspects of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. We give equal importance to sports and games which gives a sound mind in a sound body. We aim at both exam and result oriented as well as knowledge and life oriented education. We bring out the young scientists of India. We make them walk in the sands of time.

Goals & Objectives

  • The objective is to promote quality education, an all round development in personality of a child so as to enable him/her to be a responsible citizen of tomorrow
  • Education at Vetri Vikaas is rooted in the belief that the student must be an active participant in the educational process
  • Our efforts are directed at preparing the students to be disciplined, fearless, courteous and well informed human beings in this rapidly changing world
  • The objective is to enable the students not only to gain entry to colleges but to understand how the skills gained can be used for future studies, life skills and careers
  • The school emphasises the importance of academic work and our aim throughout is to stimulate interest and curiosity in the various subjects