Academic Achievements

XII-Public Examination-2013-2014

First Rank Student

First Rank

Haemasarojini M secured 1186/1200 and achieved School First Rank.

Second Rank Student

Second Rank

Sushmitha S secured 1182/1200 and achieved School Second Rank.

Third Rank Student

Third Rank

Mythili S secured 1177/1200 and achieved School Third Rank.

Centum in Three Subjects

Centum in Three Subjects

Nivetha Devi G

Centum in Three Subjects

Priscilla S

Centum in Three Subjects

Vijayalakshmi S

Centum in Three Subjects

Sushmitha S

Centum in Three Subjects

Vinothini S

In the very first year ( 2003 – 2004 ) our school secured cent percent results in X Standard.

In 2008. C. Prabavathi secured 491, District Second. The same year Priya Dharsini secured 490, District 3rd place in X standard.

In 2009. We secured state second in English Language.

In 2009 – 2010 we secured centum results in X standard G. Agasthia secured 492 /500, State 4th and District Second and school first.

In 2011 – 2012 we again produced centum results in X std. K. Vigneshwari secured 494/500 state 3rd rank. She was awarded a certificate and award from our Chief minister J. Jayalalitha.

G. Bala Abirami secured 197/200 in Tamil. (State second). P. Amsaveni, B. Sowmia, M. Sathia, S. Jayalatchimi secured 196/200 in Tamil (State 3rd). S. Samiktha secured 198/200 in Sanskrit state 1st.

In the year 2012-2013 M.V. Soundariya of 12th standard secured 1187/1200 state 3rd rank. V. Mohana Priya of 10th standard secured 497/500 state second.

They were wished and awarded by our Governor, His Grace Rosaiyya and our honourable Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha. Besides that V. Mohana Priya was awarded the "Muthalvan Award" by Raj TV

X-Public Exam 2012-13

  1. First - Mohanapriya. V (497/500) (State Second)
  2. Second - Ramani. P (494/500)
  3. Third -Pavithra.R (492/500)

XII-Public Examination-2012-2013

  1. First - Soundarya M V - 1185/1200(State Third)
  2. Second - Padmapriya B- 1182/1200
  3. Third - Monisha M - 1177/1200
  4. Third - Sushmitha R M - 1177/1200

This year we are trying our level best to secure the state 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranks both in 12th and 10th standards.

Sports Achievements

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”

S.R. Yasodha of 11th std has participated in the 20th National Junior Girls Chess Championship Competition held between 20.11.2005 and 3.12.2005 and secured the 2nd Place.

In Dharmapuri on 20.11.2005 under the age group of 19, M. Ezhilarasi of 11th standard participated in swimming and secured the 2nd place in state level.

In Rasipuram Zonal level our school has secured the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

Under the age group of 16

  1. Beach volley ball 1st place
  2. Foot ball 2nd place
  3. Volley ball 2nd place

R. Chella Priyanka secured the 3rd place in long Jump. S.Keerthana secured the 1st place in Zonal and District level in Shuttle cock.

Among girls division under 19 age group S. Keerthana secured the 1st place in Zonal and Divisional level in Shuttle cock singles. She was selected for the state level.

In doubles, S. Keerthana, G.M. Kiran, G. Kiruthika secured the 1st place in Zonal and Divisional level. She was also selected for the state level.

In under 19 age group division we secured the 1st place in Kabadi, the 1st place in throw ball and the second place in kabadi in state level.

We secured the second place in the champions trophy.

In 2010 – 2011 successively we secured the 1st place in Champions trophy. Besides that we secured the champions trophy in Foot ball, Volley ball, Throw ball , Khokho, Table Tennis, Judo, Boxing, and in Taek Wondo.

In Namakkal District Zonal level, we secured the 1st place in the hurdles, 100 mtrs,200 mtrs and in 400 mtrs. Besides that we secured the 1st place in 100 mtrs, and in 4 x 100 mtrs relay race.

In Divisional sports our school secured the 1st place in Junior and Senior level. Also it was selected for the state level.

LIMCA Achievement

We not only impart result oriented education but also we impart life oriented education. We create and make records. Such one is this. A lot of students gathered in one place and created a pottery art. It has been registered in the Limca Achievement record.

Achievments in Cultural Activities

Our school students secured the 1st place in the Cultural Activities conducted on the (15.08.2005) Independence Day in Namakkal. Every year we conduct the Annual day celebration.

Our students participate and secure awards, rewards, prizes, medals and merit certificates. Besides that they participate in the Independence day celebration and secure the 1st Place in the District level.