Message from the Administrative Officer

"...... But to act, that each tomorrow Find us farther than today"

Administrative OfficerEvery day is a challenge and so we have to put in hard work with die hard spirit and perseverance. We should be single minded in achieving our goal. As Albert Einstein has rightly said,

"Education is not to burden the mind with bookish knowledge, but to train the mind to think"

Keeping this adage in mind, the students community should make best use of this priceless gift, 'education', to do something worth while that will leave a mark in the sands of time.

Every moment in the life of a child should be etched in her memory and school life is one aspect of it that should give immense joy. This phase whether it be learning, playing, or be jolly in the company of friends should bring happiness to the child.

By being Energetic, Enthusiastic and Entertaining will Encourage you in the field of Education with Edutainment.

What the child gets in ample measure at home, the teacher carries over,moulds her, corrects her, guides her, making her a lovable and loving human being to be a service to society.

Let every child remember

"Be Everest and don't be ever at rest"

We not merely impart bookish knowledge for exam and result oriented but we inculcate life oriented and knowledge oriented education. We motivate and animate all our children in every aspect of curricular and co-curricular activities.