Hostel Facilities

Our hostel is constructed with well built infrastructures with world level granites. The rooms are well ventilated with seven beds in each room.

24 Hours uninterrupted power supply and medical facilities are available.

We provide hot water and mineral water facilities for bathing and drinking respectively.

Separate hostel facilities are available for girls. We give utmost care for cleanliness. We have appointed dedicated, disciplined, and devoted wardens to take care of the wards.

We have made well equipped arrangements for washing and cleaning.

We have made a special arrangement for students to communicate with their Parents once a week.

Each Institute has magnificently designed separate hostels for girls with all modern facilities, for boarding and other recreational activities and ensures all-round and balanced development of pupils personality with hygienic living conditions and modern amenities. The hostels are an essential component of the life at our institutions wherein students, staff and faculty reside in the same campus. In the traditional environment teachers give parental care to each and every student. In addition, the hostel life allows students to interact with their peer groups, make friends and develop into good human beings capable of independent judgment and coping with the day to day pressures of life.


Well furnished and spacious rooms are available with attached bathrooms. Each room is equipped with a bed and separate cupboards. The hostel buildings are remarkable places of architecture.The architecture of the hostels is inspired from the aditional design used in places where general climate is very hot. Because of the carefully designed structure the temperature inside the buildings remain comfortable even in extremely hot weather conditions. The hostel provides the students with daily newspapers and various magazines to make them aware of the daily happenings of the world.


A well organized school Mess takes care of balanced diet that is prepared in good and hygienic conditions, required for the balanced development to meet the basic principle of a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Phone - Card System

A phone-card will be issued for each students on payment at the school office. With that number, students can make phone calls to their home and can have regular contacts with their family and friends. To sum up, it is a home away from home with round the clock telephone facilities.