Our laboratories are well equipped with ultra modern facilities. We follow lecdem method so that the students can be inculcated both in theories and practicals equally. As the saying goes, "Practice makes a man perfect", we make the students to bring out their latent talents.

Physics laboratory

We make the students to inculcate their innate skills. Opportunities for creative thinking is given with utmost care and top priority. Innovative ideas, inventive ideas, scientific ideas and logical ideas are imparted. Apt guide-lines are given by the veteran faculties. We bring out the lives of eminent scientists with their stills and their achievements and those who were awarded with Nobel prizes and other awards. Our physics lab is well established for the benefit of the students. All the laws are illustrated according to the needs of the students to bring out their inner abilities and to activate them.

Chemistry laboratory

In the modern world without chemistry we cannot survive. Our Chemistry lab is updated and modernized to cater the needs of the students. We give priority and importance to hygienic and safety measures.Fire extinguishers, fire proof systems and other necessary safety measures have been setup in the advanced level.

Botany laboratory

We have regular lab classes periodically for the purpose of imparting practical knowledge. Wall charts, Slides, bottled specimens are rightly equipped. All the necessary specimens are given to the students for their day today practicals.

Zoology laboratory

Anatomy and Physiology systems have been aptly setup for practicals. The stills of all the systems are kept in the lab. The needed specimens are kept here for the benefit of the students.

Mathematics laboratory

We have more than two hundred Mathematical models in our laboratory. All the formulae have been encoded and decoded in the models. We give top priority to Mathematics to bring out young genii of the great Mathematician Ramanujam. Besides that every year we conduct one week Maths exhibition in our Auditorium for the benefit of our children, other schools and the public at large.

Computer Centre

This century is (Twenty First) dedicated to computers. It is the computer era. Our lab is well furnished with Air conditioning facility. More than one hundred computers have been setup with all the necessary facilities. Students can enrich their needs and update their knowledge. Updated configuration have been set up for the benefit of the students. Even in the absence of the teachers, the students can open the computers and get their needs. (computer – the teacher in absentia).

Language lab

A Home theatre and language lab is well established to promote the aural and oral abilities of our students.