Our laboratories are well equipped with ultra modern facilities. We follow lecdem method so that the students can be inculcated both in theories and practicals equally. As the saying goes, "Practice makes a man perfect", we make the students to bring out their latent talents.

Physics laboratory

The state of the art physics lab is well equipped with all instruments of high quality in sufficient quantity which are needed to impart a high calibre of practical knowledge in physics.

Chemistry laboratory

Our high-tech chemistry lab is fully loaded to meet all the requirements of an ideal lab with safety regulations for carrying out analytical and other experiments to revamp the knowledge of the students.

Biology laboratory

The biology lab is well furnished with the best microscope and variety of specimens in zoology and botany to enable the students to understand the structural and functional aspects of the human systems and plants.

Computer Centre

The fully air conditioned computer lab is the state of the art one and is equipped with a large number of computers with latest configurations so that each students can handle a computer individually to upgrade their knowledge on par with the emerging technical advancements.