Message from Principal Desk

"Learning is pleasure that will Follow its owner everywhere"

PrincipalWe set very high academic standards and proved a high number of notable academic successes every year. Students come here and want to do their best. They work incredibly hard to achieve not only for their hopes and dreams but also the hopes of dreams of their family members.

Our examination results (State Level) are remarkable and Vetri Vikaas Students are to be found at all the top colleges. Together, the culture we create through yoga is one of success.

Vetri Vikaas is not just about academic brilliance. The great strength of the school is its sense of community. Our students come to us from various parts of Tamil Nadu, India & the world, at large, but they have common bonds. They value learning, respect each other and appropriate the skills and expertise of their teachers. We are very fortunate that our school has experienced and dedicated team of Teachers.

Students have the chance to live and learn in wonderful environment and our school is exclusively safe and secure for girls. Our students feel that the school is their home which is away from their homes.

"All our students are trained and Brought up in such a way Make the journey of education A successful one"

"Education begins with Discipline,Discipline is our life".