About Us

Our insignia (emblem, logo)

The five inexhaustible rays refer the growth of the children beyond the horizon. The man in Yoga Posture is the indicative of spiritual values, physical and mental health while a man in the picture with a javelin stands for sports and games. The book in the picture is the resemblance of education and knowledge where as the horse in the picture insists speed and accuracy. The Veena enriches culture and heritage of our country. Blue and yellow of the logo depict Love, Honesty, Sacrifice and Service.

Our Aim:

To offer a world-class education based on Indian cultural heritage with global outlook to face worldwide challenges.

"A Vision to foster soft skills, impart man making education and to equip all to face the challenges of life"

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a premier Global Educational Institution which shall offer holistic, life-oriented and value-based education with a well-defined focus on academic excellence, wholesome personality development and social relevance, addressing the challenges posed by the highly competitive global environment.

To impart Quality Education replete with visual concepts and practical solutions in stress free and burden less environment for holistic empowerment.

To provide stimulative learning environment for maximizing the individual educational potential and give strong ground for sound character centered society.

Our Mission

The concept of Vetri Vikaas is the realization of noble vision with high thinking through love and service. Vetri Vikaas marches towards a motto of "Providing quality learning, developing potentiality and insisting discipline among the students".

Our Maneuver

To endow with a blissful learning locale to develop self-confidence, life–oriented skills, and to prepare learners for an ever – changing global community and to afford with the scholastic foundation indispensable for them to accomplish their true potential.

Backdrop and of Promoters

VVPS is run by Vetri Vikaas Educational and Charitable Trust, Mallur, with passionate members who possess strong educational and occupational background. This school is the long cherished dream of a young, energetic and dynamic team whose life and work itself is a reflection of the experimental learning process and they think it is to be adored.

Our Approach

  • To provide a broad and integrated curriculum to face global challenges
  • To provide Stimulating, Valuable, Broad, Secure and Effective learning environment
  • To offer high-tech teaching-learning facilities with digital classrooms
  • To create awareness on environmental protection
  • To offer communicative competence in English
  • Special career development assistance for the children who are in need
  • CCE and HOT assessment with Semester pattern