School Gardening
Gardening by Eco Club Students

Friday, February 16

Our vibrant Middle school students have embarked on a wonderful journey into the world of gardening!

Today, Chairman Dr. G.Vetrichelvan inaugurated this green initiative by sowing the first seeds, commending the students for their dedication.

Gardening not only enhances our school's environment but also teaches valuable lessons about nature, sustainability, and teamwork.

Chairman Dr.G.Vetrichelvan shared insightful information, inspiring our students to nurture their green thumbs and cultivate a love for the environment.

Annual Day
Annual Function - The Most Awaited Programme For All Students And Parents..!!

Saturday, December 9

The portal of Vetri Vikaas Public School was wide opened to welcome one and all on the grand occasion of the Annual Day celebration.

The entire school was filled with festive joy and colourful ambience as it celebrated its 12th Annual day ‘EUPHORIC FEST 2023’ on December 9th 2023(Saturday).

The Chief Guest Mr. V.Irai Anbu, a retired Indian Administrative Service Officer and also the Former Chief Secretary of Tamilnadu graced the occasion with his reverent presence.

He shared his views with everyone about the Act of Parenting and how to motivate the children with inspirational & positive words to make them shining stars of the future.

He appreciated and gave plaudits to each and every incredible performer for showing their best endeavours in making the programme successful.

The school authorities were quiet elated by the number of guests who turned up to witness the function. Thus it proved that annual function is not just an event but a priceless moment of time in which we all are together.

This togetherness is our strength, our life and a grand symbol of a constant growth.

Young Entrepreneurs
Young Entrepreneur Will Make Difference In The Indian Ecosystem

Saturday, November 18

The middle and secondary students of Vetri Vikaas organized The Young Entrepreneur Trade on November 18, 2023, within the school premises.

In support of our budding entrepreneurs, Vetri Vikaas provided a platform to explore innovative products crafted by our young minds.

The young entrepreneurs of grades VII to IX set up a variety of stalls, including food stalls offering different tastes, juices, milkshakes, ice creams, handicraft products, and a gaming zone.

They successfully sold their products to fellow students and parents, with their stalls attracting a large number of visitors.

Recognizing the importance of entrepreneurship education, students need to grasp entrepreneurship concepts and engage in practical activities.

Karate Belt Ceremony
Karate Belt Ceremony - A Milestone Unveiled

Wednesday, February 7th

A significant milestone in martial arts journey – The Karate Belt Ceremony surrounded by the spirit of discipline and camaraderie, Karatekas were honoured by receiving yellow & green belt, marking a symbolic step forward in their karate progression. The ceremony was a culmination of hard work, dedication, and discipline.